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Thank you for considering this job role at Sollus Entertainment, The job role in question is;
Stylistic Texture Artist

The Texture artist will be responsible for meeting and if possible, exceeding the existing standard of texture quality. This position requires an experienced hand, ensuring the greatest quality of detail possible. You will be expected to have a working knowledge of normal, specular, and diffuse maps, and be able to adjust and generate them accordingly. The art style that we are trying to achieve is that of the New Zelda game Breath of the Wild. We are in no way trying to clone or misrepresent users by achieving this art style we just feel it fits perfectly with our game world and story. This art style very much resembles an "Handpainted" theme Examples to which can be found here,


Expertise in Photoshop
Contract Signature
Fluent in written and spoken English
Team player
Passionate and respectful
Experience with 3DS Max (Bonus)
Be able to create Handpainted Textures (Examples:

While there are no monetary rewards, these positions give the great chance to not only gain experience in your fields but to also work together with highly motivated individuals in a team. It is required to give and take constructive criticism and simply push the designs to the limits to give the player the best gaming experience possible. In addition, we are focussing on creating high quality in all points of design, which means that you'll get great video material to publish on your blogs/websites to showcase your work. The project manager takes documentation and planning very seriously. Furthermore, The project manager may write you a reference letter for future work relationships.

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