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Looking for a programmer specialized in AI, pathfinding, and level generation is also appreciated

most of my programming is object based revolving around things like items, traps, UI, and the environment.

the project is a rougelike game for unity (2D) in C# called Legends of an Ancient City: Into The Depths

our current stage of development is the recruiting/planning phase but coding and testing for the games core framework is also in progress (we're still getting our ducks in a row here but things are moving fast and who's to say we can't be productive in the downtime)

the main goals for the game are the following

- in depth strategy involving use of the terrain to turn the tide of battle in your favor

- a "survival" focused story based on randomly selected events out of an event pool (text or otherwise) that make each experience follow a unique story with the ending being your death or escape from the dungeon(survival would have a different outcome based on certain choices)

- a reach weapon system that makes weapons have a unique effectiveness based on terrain and enemy proximity (spears are at a disadvantage if an enemy is closer than a set number of tiles)

- a feats system that allows unique perks to appear based on choices made during events and creation

- creating a game to test some theorycraft for a CRPG that will be developed at a later undecided date

- and ultimately to bring a game to mobile (again at a later date) that captures the best of crpg rougelikes on a level compared too what the pc has to offer

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