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This company is known for flash games we have produced about 20 our team has closed doors for about 2 years but me as the original owner of the company decided to start it up again we mainly did sport games and couple 2d RPGs but we want to go for a castle crashers type game but with a huge twist on it we want to make this a huge seller we have multiple connections from the past we are going to get the steam green light and send it off to Microsoft once we have a playable build we need almost everything for the team besides a concept artist unless I really dig ur stuff if you want to know more email us

Requirements- at least 1 year experience in developing a good non buggy game lol
- at least 10 to 20 hours a week dedicating to the team
- easy to contact by email or Skype for concerns
Thank you for your interest 8 ball games.

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