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Programmers located Anywhere.

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The project is a "small" Android/IOS game.
It is a Western theme and has pixel graphics.
Think retro arcade shooter with new elements and game-play.

The concept will come to life while we work on the Game.
I have some of the Games sprites made already and will show them to the selected programmers. I can pump out the sprites in no time as needed.

I may not have the whole game figured out yet but I am open to Ideas from the programmer and if the Game becomes successful we will share the spoils.

My vision of the game may be different to the people helping out that is why I need a programmer who can also add feedback for my Art and can take criticism on my part.

I am currently hospitalized and have plenty of free time to Design the Art. I feel that If we work as a team we can make a fun and professional looking Game.

This is not a Paid position.
If the game releases, profits will be shared evenly between those involved.

Thank you for your time and we will make a great team.
Cheers Graham Le Roux

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