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About the project:


“Space Faction” is a Multiplayer Massive Online game. It is a mix between a space combat simulator and a first person shooter. Players will have to team up together to form guilds and factions that will fight for control of the galaxy. They will have access to a wide array of skills and crafting abilities to achieve their goals and build a strong faction.


There are two types of environments in “Space Faction”, space and ground. Players will have ships available to them to fly thru space and they will be able to move around on ground environments on foot or with a vehicle, similar to a first person shooter.
Most of the space and ground can be claimed by a guild or a faction. Owner of an area will be able to build within their borders.


“SpaceFaction” will have races and their typical racial bonuses. There will also be an option to select a class. These options will strongly affect someone’s play style on the ground but also in the skies. Players will also have the ability to choose and level up different skills which come with the selected class or race. Every character will also be given the ability to craft items. Players will also be given the ability to create or join a guild. Being a member of such organization will allow you access to better equipment, ships and facilities. Guilds can also ally up to form a faction. A player will be heavily encouraged to join or create a guild and form a faction.

Current Project Progress:

After 6 months of brainstorming and writing down our ideas and approaches in the GDD we think “SpaceFaction” is ready to go in production. The last few weeks we’ve been working on the website and we’ve been creating assets to show our potentials to you(potential team members) and investors.

Current Position(s) open:

• 3D Artist(Texturer)
You will be texturing assets made by the 3D modellers based on concept art or reference pictures.
o Basic knowledge in modelling and animation
o Expert in creating materials and textures
o Knows how to export to- and import into different game engines

• 3D Artist(Animation)
Space doors opening, walking cycles, weapon reloading,... You will be the one breathing life into the game.
o Knows how to make and export animations from third party software such as 3DS Max or Blender.

Concept Artist:

You’re imagination is the limit!

o Drawing Sci-fi skylines or space stations should be piece of cake for you
o Having a basic understanding of how outer space works is also advisable

Some Images and concepts we made for the game:

Website: (Still in developement)

To Apply

You can send your inquiry along with your portfolio to the following E-mail address:

For a more personal approach you could add one of us on Skype:

EU: Jannes D. Skypename: bl4drzz

US(west coast): Thomas M. Skypename: deathjdstn

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