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Programmers located Anywhere or New York City!.

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------ELEVATOR PITCH------

- Roll a shackled, mutant chicken around a scrolling playfield by dropping waypoints with touch input

- Shoot a variety of powerful eggs out of your ass at noble gnomes

- Conquer or avoid the usual variety of enemy archetypes (scout, tank, ranged, etc)

- Destroy the environment

- Collect powerups and other useful shite

- Top down 2D view with Box2D physics

- Targeted at tablet devices

- Short development cycle (less than 6 months)

- This is NOT Angry Birds... This is Angry Gnomes.

------TEAM STRUCTURE------

There are three team members who've known each other for about two years. We live near one another in New York City.

Greg - audio engineer, musician, scripter, designer

Josh - artist, animator, designer

Mark - designer, gameplay scripter, production artist, admin/project manager

…and then there's you.

We work out of a small shared office space in New York City. And from home when schedules don't allow for face-time.

We also have subscriptions to all the typical cloud-based services (GIThub, Dropbox, Google Drive biz account, Linux VPS, etc)

The office is stocked with several multi-display Macs and PCs. All the hardware, and (legitimate) software licenses we need. If you're local and don't have a computer to work with we've got you covered.

…and there is an excellent pizza shop on the corner (maybe we could DHL remote team members a slice).

------TALENT NEEDED------

We are seeking an additional, core programmer to help architect, build and iterate on our game using Corona SDK and Lua. You will play a key role in shaping gameplay and the overall development strategy.

Some requirements below:

- Over 18 years old (the older the better. we're kinda old)
- Knowledge of Corona SDK and Lua is REQUIRED
- Familiarity with GIT version control is required
- Familiarity with Google Drive and Dropbox is desirable
- Having several developed games under you belt is desirable
- Familiarity with Objective-C is also desirable (but not required)
- New York City local resident is desirable (but not required)

We'll need 10-15 hours of your time per week. You're building a scaffolding that we'll fill in (two of us can script). So you'll primarily be handling the most difficult code blocks or overseeing structural details. Be as involved or as compartmentalized as you want.


Team members are professional contractors in their fields. Recent contract work on games for mobile platforms include:

Atari Super Bunny Breakout - IOS

Taptiles - Windows8

Team members have worked on many other shipped games for PC and Web over the past 8 years.

------PROJECT NAME------

Temp Name: Project Bound Chicken

------TARGET AIM------

App store game release (IOS, then Android). Paid game if possible. Will release free if necessary.


At the moment, the only monetary compensation would be REVENUE SHARE from completed and published prototypes. Our goals are (a) skill building and portfolio development, (b) increased visibility in the game development community, and (c) monetization of our games. In that order.

In this light we are seeking an individual with similarly ordered priorities.

However, if you want to make (c) into (a), hey - you're the programmer - you can do whatever you damn well want!


We are developing for Tablet devices. IOS initially, followed by Android.

We are using the following tools and tech.

- Corona SDK
- Lua
- PC
- Particle Candy
- Text Candy
- Corona Profiler
- Corona Ultimote
- Levelhelper
- Spritehelper
- Codehelper (or your IDE of choice)
- Google Drive
- Dropbox
- Trello
- Photoshop
- Audacity
- Blender 3D


Please provide relevant information about your development skills and work experience with your response. Cover letter. Resume. Whatever… The more info the better.

We'll immediately contact qualified candidates.

To Apply

Email Mark at: gamedeveloper AT hotmail DOT com

Then we'll Skype chat.

Anywhere or New York City!
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