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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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Hello friends,

We are currently working on the next big twitch hit and are looking for more environmental artists, specifically entry level because our funds are tight. We have a solid gameplan and are heading straight to the top of twitch!

The game is designed from the ground up with the lessons learned from the previous competitive FPS shooters on twitch. The game is both engaging to play and watch.

We also have room for additional programmers, the marketing team, sound, and social media outreach!

Our funding is pretty tied up at the moment, so we are really looking for individuals who are interested in profit sharing. The numbers for top twitch shooters look really nice and we will definatly make it worth your while.

We are looking for someone who is entry level, possibly just out of college, freelancers looking to build their profiles, or people who just want to get in on the next big thing.

Just feel free to shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

There will be profit sharing!

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