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Level Designers located North America, Anywhere.

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Ratfish Studios is looking for a talented level designer to join our team to help create our current title, Cogflicts ( ) .

The perfect applicant would be adept at communicating via the internet, and could be available for online meetings at least once a week. Displaying both a collaborative capacity and personal initiative, and have worked previously on other projects specifically dealing in multiplayer layouts. They like outdoor urban based levels, and strive to add strategy when possible. Since this is royalty based, they have a consistent income elsewhere that will financially enable them to see the project through release.

- Understands Lighting and how it effects player attention.
- Used to blockout/graybox work methodology.
- Ability to work closely with concept and environmental artists to help create a consistent look.
- Experience in any 3D game engine with creating levels. (We use MIT Torque 3d)
- Scripting knowledge sufficient to create level based events.
- Can create basic assets to fill in spots if artists are otherwise occupied.
- Ability to communicate and work over the net.
- Works well independently with a work flow concept.

About us:
We are a small indie company who work with one another on our freetime over the web. Our members are a mix of past professionals, indies, and fresh graduates. We strive to keep our working relationship relaxed with one another since it is volunteer at this time. We want people who can be passionate, but not to the point of exhaustion, or vice versa can't add anything other than enthusiasm.

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North America, Anywhere
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