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Project details:

The project is for a social game with some survival / nature simulation elements. We are developing this game in phases to make it easier to organize and manage goals as well as fund the entire project. It is a relaxing game suitable for all ages, with cartoony low poly graphics and an inviting atmosphere. It is multiplayer and encourages role-play and character building. There is no set goal for the game, it is left up to the players to decide how they want to experience the world we create.

Looking for: UE4 C++ & blueprint developer for Phase 1 of development.

In this phase we are going to be setting up the core mechanics that will be the foundation for the entire game. We need someone who can work long term on this project - preferably all that way until Phase 4.

Launch Date: TBD 2019 - 2020

Details for what is needed for Phase 1:

Locomotion system
- Walk (WASD)
- Trot (Toggle between walk/trot: Z)
- Run/Sprint (Hold SHIFT)
- Crouch/Sneak (Toggle C)
- Jump (Spacebar)
- Eat/Drink/Interact (E)
- Attack (Left Mouse Button + WASD)*Can be simplified for Phase 1 - more added in future.

Needs / Status
- Health (Decreases with Damage + Hunger/ Thirst =- 0)
- Stamina (Decreases with Sprint + Attacks)
- Hunger (Increases overtime, Decreases with Eating)
- Thirst (Increases overtime, Decreases with Drinking)

Battle System * Can be moved to Phase 2 if we don't have time.
- Attacking
- Damage / Recovery
- Death
- Respawn

- Server Connect
- Server Admin Tools * Can be moved to Phase 2 if we don't have time
- Spawn Points
- Global Chat
- Groups
- Friends List * Can be moved to Phase 4

Character Select / Customization
- Select from: Buck, Doe, Fawn
- Select Pelt Colour
- Name
- Profile

Extras if we have time - Can be moved to Phase 4+
If Idle for X amount of time - Deer / Player character will sleep - Flowers / Vegetation grows around them.


We prefer doing Rev Share for this project as we don't have much money upfront until this game ships out. If you prefer payment upfront it will be on a commission base - give is your hourly rate and estimate of how much time it will take you to finish the Blueprints for this first phase of development and we can work out a payment plan that benefits us both. Ideally you will do the work upfront, and once we sell we can hire you as a full timer, provided there is enough funding coming in from sales. All money we make from the game will be invested back into the game - we all have full time jobs here to pay for our own expenses.

This project is really a labor of love that we hope will become self sustaining once it releases. We do not hope to profit in any way from this project, but we understand if you feel differently.

To Apply

If you're interested please send your CV and preferred payment methods / rates to this email:

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