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Artists located United States/Canada.

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My name is Mohammad Tourjoman, I am currently working on a story-based, very atmospheric game. This game will be similar to games like "Firewatch". It will have heavy use of atmosphere and plot twists. The character rarely gets to engage with other intelligence within the game.

The game is called 'Mission Mars'. It is a 3D, first person experience, and more will be explained to you as you join me the development of this project.

What I am looking for are people who want to work on a project and give it some real effort, and work with an ambitious vision. Here is what I'll need from you:

3D modelers/animators:
- Create first person character and respective animations. I'm going to need the first person model of a person, and a spacesuit as well.
- Create models of rockets, rovers, robots, buildings and bases.
- Animate a person person character

I am currently only looking for artists. The story isn't set in stone. Your work with me is collaborative. You will have power to suggest and make changes to how the game comes out. I want a small project, with a small team of people who will collaborate and come up with different ideas.


You will be getting payed based on what many other developers call 'rev-share'. Basically, when they game comes out, everybody on the team will get a percentage based on how much work they have put in and the quality of that work. You will get your cut from the sales of the game for the first 2 years of its life, afterwhich, you won't, because I expect this game to be dead before then.


If at any point you choose to leave the project, you will be paid for your services once the game is released. You will be paid for just the amount of work you have done. I will be deciding the value of said work. If the game is not released, there is no guarantee of anyone getting paid anything, which is sadly the truth about not being an established team. However, I do not plan on failing or stopping, but I am just saying this to answer the possible question.


Just know how to use Unity.You don't have to have much experience, but you do need to be pretty good at modeling/animating. I will just require you to sign a Non-Disclosure Document (A form that basically says you can't spread information about the project) and after that there would be no strings attached. Leave at any time, come back if it's appropriate, no problem.

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United States/Canada
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