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Are you an organic, photoreal 3D Character Artist, Animator, a Rigger or an Object Modeler? (Level up!) Do you know the Unreal Engine? (Bonus round!) Do you understand Unreal Blueprints? (Supercharged!) Contact us now, to join in the development of the most thrilling video game ever conceived. (No, I’m serious, not a clone of anything, better by design!)

We are a dedicated team of professionals building on the greatest game design and story ever conceived for an AAA video game. We need your help! We've got a playable prototype video game and now we need to grow the team to hit our milestones regularly, while we source funding.

Done: story, game design, music, 2-playable prototype games (one old, one active).

Need: Character Developers and Organic 3D Modelers, to bring our characters and their gear to life.

If you know the Unreal Engine, their Blueprint system, or have skills in 3D modeling, rigging and/or animation, then contact us immediately.

Our Company is pre-funding, valued at $12 Million USD (This is the time valuation put into the project, the Intellectual Property we possess is worth much more).

Structure: Currently TEAM based funding (time) to create proof of concept (playable game), whereas our development team time logs hours at an agreed upon rate.

Currently, without a product in the marketplace, we have very little cash. What we do have is a great video game design, a Game App design (to sell game gear to cash out our time investments), great characters and an epic story. We have an amazing core team, and you can run around in the game with us and also be blown away by the visuals, audio, and gameplay we have achieved at this early stage.

Please join us in making this dream come true, faster.

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