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Hello everyone,

We are looking for a talented 3D character model artist to join our team in developing a new classic style adventure game.

## The Game
The game takes place in a world almost submerged by water, where all the land that is left are small islands, where the remains of the human race try to survive after the cataclysm known as the Seven Tides.

You play the story of Jon Riley, a young boy living in the Island of Chelonii, in the Eastern Kingdom of Khalandrie. After a visit from an old mysterious acquaintance, his grandfather, the only relative Jon has mysteriously disappears and Jon embarks on a quest to find what happened to him, while discovering the truth about himself, and the underlying mystery of the Island.

The game will be mainly feed from the traditional mechanics of adventure games popular in the 90’s with games like The Broken Sword, Monkey Island, The Longest Journey, Full Throttle, The Dig etc.

It also introduces some RPG elements that promote exploration in order to immerse the player deeper in the world. The main driver of the gameplay experience is going to be the story as it's traditional in this genre of games.

##What we are looking for

We have a fun and talented team working on an ambitious project, but we need help in creating 3D Characters. We had a very talented character designer in the early stages of the project, having produced 8 unique characters so far but now that the project has matured we need something that can pick up where he left off.

We need someone with experience, comfortable with defining streamlined workflows and producing work in a quick pace.

Although it is a hobbyist project, we take the project seriously and we are committed to finish the project, so we need people that can commit to the project with the goal to end it.

##The ideal candidate

- Is used to work for milestones and timelines
- Used to working in a collaborative approach within a team environment
- Has time available to be present on a regular basis, appear on Discord and provide updates
- Can output work on a fast pace
- Understands what it means to work in a project

##Skills required:

- Skilled in creative 3D Characters, both humanoid and biped
- Can rig and animate the models created
- Bonus points if you have actually worked on a title until the end.
- Experience with Unity (bonus)

If you are interested about the position (and the game) check out the full position description on our website:

Looking forward to hear from you!

-- Seven Tides Team

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