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Hey everyone,

We are an experienced team of game makers working on a brand new, high quality title. In need of good graphic designers to complete the team.

The title in question is a professional first person shooter title, focusing on realistic and visceral gameplay. High attention to detail, completely powered by UE4.

Our team consists of:

Chris Panov - Creative Director & Lead Game Designer
Alphonse Mustang - Game Designer
Michael Rycroft - Lead C++ Programmer
Matthew "Chives" Williams - Technical UI Designer
Loïc Lebas - Concept Artist
Sam Decoverley - Lead 3D Designer
Nitin Kumar - Senior 3D Character Artist
Eduardo Ruiz Urrejola - Junior 3D Character Artist
Óscar Sánchez - Senior 3D Props Artist
Janos Csaszar - Junior 3D Props Designer
Patrick Benai - Senior 3D Weapons Designer
Warren Chen - Junior 3D Weapons Designers
John Teodoro - Senior 3D Environment Designer
Alexandr Danilchuk - Junior 3D Environment Designer
Ryan Davies - Composer
Jed Crouch - Composer
Sam Scott - Marketing

Work has already started on the project, which is under an NDA. We cannot disclose any more information.

- Experience in Adobe Illustrator
- Experience in Adobe Photoshop (not required but prefered)
- Experience with creating vector graphics, simple and clean logos
- Experience with team communication
- An email / username to contact you with via Skype or Slack

The position isn't paid, but the project is really serious - the share revenue plan on this game is pretty huge - we will make a kickstarter, plus join patreon, plus participate in Unreal Dev Grants (which is 5,000$ - 50,000$) + sponsors + investors.

Your first task will be to create a logo for the company - the company's name is Vambrace Studios.

If you are interested and want information about the project:
Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you're applying for when you send a request)

Best Regards,
Chris and the "Vambrace Studios" team.

To Apply

Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you're applying for when you send a request)

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