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Greetings, this post is directed at those looking to join a team/collaboration. The team is yet to form so
multiple roles are available. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our Discord server.

Looking For: Developers to form a team for a new indie studio. Please note that currently, I am not looking for just “revenue-share workers”, but people who are also interested to take the initiative.

My role: Technical lead (programming, configuration, integration, etc.), founder and team lead.

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4 as our main development platform, Apache Subversion (SVN) as our version control and centralised sharing system and Discord as our messaging platform. Our target platform is Windows PC.

Project: The first/initial project is yet to be devised from scratch. Developers will be expected to actively participate in the brainstorming and GDD (Game Design Document) creation.

Length of Project: Ongoing. The very first project is planned to be small scope to ensure realistic delivery.

Revenue share: Negotiable.

Requirements: Please check the website for up to date requirements and available roles.

To Apply

You can apply or join our Discord server via

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