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Artists located Anywhere.

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My name is Rafay and I am the founder of Exalted Crafts, I am leading the project which is the first game for my indie studio, That I just named it to project'RTS' for now. We are a total of 6 team members right now, and I am looking to expand the team, I am about to finish GDD in march as how it is scheduled and after that prototyping phase will be started.

Also, my game project is selected in newchip's accelerator program and I am the part of their startup learning community so I'll have chances of having investors for this game in future too, also all the roles and the work will be counted in Kanban boards on hacknplan, whole game project is managed by me and everyone's work will be calculated on every step which is why revenue will be shared based on whatever they will work in the game project.

Available/Required Roles:

Audio (1/1)

Artist (3/3)


Developer/Programmer (1/2)

Networking (0/1)

Voice Actor (1/1)

Writer (1/1)


  1. Artist:- Good at creating any of these 2D/3D arts like Icons, UI, Concept, Textures, Materials, Modeling, Animation and polishing game at the end of GDLC.
  2. Developer/Programmer:- Proficient in C# programming, Familiar with unity API, GUI, Lights, Physics, Animation, Materials, Audio.
  3. Business:- Familiar with the game industry worldwide, gathering community, marketing, and basic studio running skills.
  4. Networking:- Experienced in playfab development and has the knowledge to create a Client-Server model.

Important points:

  • All the members who will be selected to work with the team after the interview will have to sign NDA and profit-sharing agreements, we use discord for communication in the team and use hacknplan for project management.
  • Our working style is chill and free of any hardships so better for passionate members only, there won't be any money because I am starting up and don't have anything to spend either at the moment, revenue will be shared by after the game success either it is 1$ or 1b$.
  • If the project is discontinued and announced closed officially by me, then you'll be paid off for how much you have contributed, if project goes slow down or stopped temporarily by the shortage of resources, it will not be considered as closed, if a member of the team stays inactive for more than 3 months in any way and not contributing in this duration will be released from the contracts and will not be part of any share and team afterwords.
  • We are having a cool and friendly environment and we only care for passion, not for any region or religion.

I hope to see you as our team member!

Best Regards,

Exalted Crafts

To Apply

If you have read all the requirements and you can do anything mentioned above join our discord server and talk to us about your interests and I'll have an interview session arranged!
If by any means you are unable to join discord write to me dexter786@yahoo.con

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