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Following the extremely successful OpenXCom, which recreates the first two X-Com games, OpenApoc is a fan project that aims to remake the third instalment of the series, "X-Com: Apocalypse". We aim at a faithful recreation of the old game for the modern systems, only with some small improvements to the interface to bring it up to today's standards (like using a mouse scroll) and better modding capabilities. The project is young, it is lively, and it really needs more people to help with the code.

If you think you can help, and if you're interested in joining a likely candidate for the next star team on the remake scene, give it a try! At this point we're still at the stage of decoding and implementing basic mechanisms, so we need primarily need coders, but this will gradually change as the project progresses.

Since it's a fan remake, we don't expect to make any real money. However, the project is very likely to become highly popular, and I'm sure I don't have to explain how important it is for a young programmer to be a part of something like this. And it's a unique chance to bring this old gem to the modern audience, so it's a noble cause too!

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