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Nej Studio (now a one man team) is looking to build a new fps game. Your job would be programming and animating the entire game. This will include walking, running, jumping, weapons, jet packs, ai, etc. I will be building the models and the environment.

If you can model (you're an animator right?), that will be a big plus.
Languages for this game will be c# only, no unityscript. I may use a scripting system eventually and if you already own one, feel free to use it.
The game engine is Unity 5.
I use Blender 2.78, I suggest you use it also.

More details will be provided once you are on the team. I do not work like the average team does unless that team is crazy.

This position is based on profit sharing, no payments will be made unless we make money from the game. If no money is made, you can at least say you built a game (portfolio).

More insight on what you will have to do:

Create scripts for attacks, ai, triggers, and well, everything else. You will only have to animate a few models but you will be scripting a lot. I will try to help out in scripting if I can.

Ps. The game idea is great, let's make the execution better.

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