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PSR Digital is looking to fill this role for Peer Review, a reimagining of Half-Life: Decay.

What you’ll do:
Programmers are the people who build the systems that make the game world tick. Every bullet fired, every effect rendered, and every sound played is handled by code; it's up to the Programmers to design and build these simulation systems, and to make sure that everything that happens in the game happens correctly and without error.

At PSR Digital, we also have open opportunities for engineers who would like to help us build and maintain our internal development infrastructure. Unlike many other non-professional mod teams, we're fully-equipped with an entire cloud computing stack and a custom build pipeline (with custom internal tools) that help keep our dev team devving like a well-oiled dev machine. We're forming a team that will be in charge of designing, building, and maintaining these systems, and that team might be able to use someone like you!

Please note that due to the licensing terms of Valve's Source SDK, we are unable to release our project commercially, which means we have no way of recouping any costs associated with the project, including compensation for your work. As such, this is a volunteer position only.

Who you are:
• An enthusiastic, friendly developer who is willing to work with a team
• Able to read and write fluent English
• Someone with a suitable amount of free time willing to be dedicated to the project (this is flexible and vague, but we don’t want anyone just kind of popping in only once every month or so!)
• Willing and able to effectively give and receive constructive feedback
• Have access to an internet connection stable and fast enough for frequent uploads and downloads
• Able to design and cleanly code effective software-based solutions to a diverse set of problems
• Able to effectively debug problems in large, possibly unfamiliar, codebases
• Able to communicate clearly about technical topics, with both technical and non-technical audiences
• At least intermediate-level proficiency in C++
• Alternatively, proficiency in both C and an object-oriented language may be an acceptable substitute.

• Prior experience programming in the Source Engine is preferred, but not required
• Bonus points for prior experience with Source Engine network programming
• Double bonus points for experience working with cloud-based infrastructure!
• Experience using version control systems such as Git or Subversion is extremely strongly preferred

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