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We are a volunteer group! This means no agreements for compensation will be made. We will not accept applications seeking compensation arrangements. The only thing we can offer you is the experience you will gain and the joy you will have working on this amazing project! If you fill most of the requirements, but not all let us know and we can accommodate.

All positions require that you speak English fluently.

A programming position for TimeSplitters: Rewind, using CRYENGINE

Someone energetic and enthusiastic about technology and programming.

A good understanding of C++ experience is required.

Strong debugging skills with ability to work in large existing codebase, learn new systems/concepts and implement them quickly and efficiently.

Document software and features for internal and external engineering teams.

Participate in the scheduling, design, performance and code review process.

Must be willing to get stuck in, work hard and able to communicate frequently with the other programmers on the team.

Must run a Windows operating system for in-game testing purposes; it is strongly recommended to run Visual Studio 2017 for the coding environment.

Communication between the team members happens within Discord, so it is required that you use this form of communication. We try to accommodate the fluctuations with individuals free time, though a minimum of 5 hours per week contribution to the project is required to prevent progress becoming stagnant.

To Apply

Please submit applications to jobs (@) tsrewind (dot) com or alternatively fill in this form

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