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We are looking for a programmer for a (crash bandicoot fan game)

The requirements are:
- much experience with programming
- follow directions
- excelent knowledge of C++ or C#
- good skill level
- Good knowledge on level design (Optional)
- good knowledge of Unity 3D
- much experience with Unity 3D
- Good will and must respond to email or chat and not "DISAPPEAR"
(Must give at least some news at week or on 2 week)
- we expect dedication and attention to this work
- know crash bandicoot it would be better

Do not e-mail you write if you are not really interested, or to ask you if it is paid, because it is not, and I hope you do not think only about money, but for passion.

We have a team of 10 people with
BandicootUnity (me) - Co-Founder, Lead Developer, Level Designer, Storyboarder
CRASHARKI - Co-Founder, Animator
Danyq94 - Graphic (logo, cover, wallpaper, ...)
FKKZ - Graphic (main menu, pause menu,...)
ZeTo49 - Composer (Music, ...)
Tony Stull - Lead Programmer
Cameron Hopkins - Programmer,UI
Chris Trainor -3D Artist(3D Level Builder,Concept Artist,3D Texture Artist)
Stephen Duncan -Character Artist,Concept Artist
Dave Evans - DialogWriter,StoryScript
Alessandro Sgarzoni - StoryWriter,Help,Tester

must be at least to work for 10 hours a week, and respond within one day to the email about the project.

To Apply

send us an email on (unpaid position)

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