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Recently our main programmer left our project due to personal reasons, so we are in need of a programmer to replace him. Before he left, he left behind the work he had done and told us that everything he had done and was working on has been annotated so getting started should be quick and easy. Additionally all the design work has mostly been done, so you would not have to worry about potential feature creep overloading your work load.

Information about the game play. As stated in the title, the game is a turn based strategy RPG. Player controls a party of characters that navigate an overworld and can explore cities and towns going into stores and buildings, once combat is initiated the game becomes a turn based tactics style game where players have to think about cover, distance, and positioning. The game uses 2D characters on a 3D plane and is being made in Unreal

The setting is a dieselpunk fantasy game, following a group of people getting revenge against an oppressive government before getting wrapped into a plot that's much bigger than just the government.

One thing to note, while this position is for a volunteer position, we do have plans to put together a tech demo to show a publisher to get funding for the project. The faster we get a demo ready, the fast you would be able to be paid for your work.

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Please email with the subject "Programmer for Swamp Fox" and let us know what kind of experience you have with Unreal.

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