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Programmers located Anywhere.

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The indie game we'll be making is a point and click adventure that will be developed on the Adventure Game Studios. The story takes place in a parallel universe that inhabits cubicle life forms. The main character name is Leo Young an investigator for the police force. The main antagonist the cubman, Hlalf man half cub. The cubman has been killing for years. Now he's CEO for a new company.

What you'll need to do:
Work with myself and the music composer.
Program all the game.
Complete the code by a certain time if asked.
Ensure the code is fully working and manage the technical side of the project.
Review the game as it progresses.

Having passion for making and playing games.
Excellent with C (programming language) or C++
Ability to debug code.
Skype so we can talk about the game, coding, music and the art.
Knowledge of game development.
Knowledge of point and click games.

You'll have input in the game. I'll listen to anything you say about the game or anything else. I'm happy to work around your schedule if you go to educational facilitys or work, you will need to provide some coding each week. Myself and the music composer dont work on the project every day since we got other things we do but we do try to progress the game as fast as we can. If you want to know anything about me I'm happy to answer any questions. If everything goes great with this game, we hope to have you with us in the next game. The game progression will be uploaded on gamejolt, includes (artwork, any changes to the game, music and so on)

If you would like to work on the game please contact us at, be sure to send a resume and bit about yourself.

Hope to hear for you

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