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Hello everyone!

We are currently creating a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). It's a simple platformer where players fight each other in teams. The theme is fantasy/medieval and you therefore fight each other with swords, daggers, crossbows etc!

What are we looking for?

- Programmer: You should be able to work alone and get the game working as it's supposed to. Also writing decent code and thinking about how to prevent players from cheating.

- Composer/SFX Artist: You should be able to create music as well as ambient background sound, sound effects to leveling up etc.

Here are some things from the game that's already created:

The game contains RPG elements such as leveling:

Loading screen for the first map that the players can fight together in:

Two of the NPCs:

You can see more of the game when we get in touch!

This position is paid but with rev-share / fixed amount when the game comes out! Please don't add me and ask for money right away.

Have a wonderful day :o)

To Apply

For more information, please contact us on discord or PM here! The discord is Nafei#9413 and email is

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