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Hello everyone, I am John, or Pearce, or Argen. Whatever you call me, I'm trying hard to keep an in-development video game going. Currently, we have plenty of art done, but our programmers have become caught up in a lot of work. What I ask is a devoted programmer that can work on our roguelike game known as Legends of an Ancient City: Into the Depths. It's basically where you play as semi-historical figure based in Ancient Rome (at least for now). You fight off monsters from other realms such as goblins, therians (bestial folk), saurians (lizard folk), giant insects and bloodthirsty elves. Travel all across the ravaged world, laying waste to their hives. You have waged a one-man war against all of the beasts of the void. So what is required is somebody that can work without taking month-long breaks, whether they wanted to or not. Somebody that can do that will quickly be made the lead programmer. They need at least a decent knowledge of 3d programming, enough to make a randomized dungeon and give the beasts ai. It doesn't have to be the greatest work of art, but it does need to look good. It will be real-time and will have very many tactical elements to it, such as weapon stats that are altered when in different regions. ie, an axe is not good in a tight corner. However, it is great when it has enough swinging room. You need skill in stats and algorithms, for half of this game would be algorithms. If you are interested or have any questions, email me at You can also check out our public discord server:
Thanks! -Argen
P.S. Check out my game page for more info, including art and lore!
P.P.S The game has changed since I posted this! It is now open-source and will be a volunteer position! (When I say open source, I mean anybody can take control of it with my permission, not anybody can edit it willy nilly)

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