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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Artisan Games LLC is currently looking for a programmer, Concept Artist, 3D modeler, and Mapper for its upcoming half life 2 mod. This mod is a interactive experience with a theme similar to Silent Hill, Amnesia, and Dear Esther.

Some experience with working with half-life 2 source sdk for all positions.

It is a big plus if you have worked on a mod team before, or have made a mod yourself.

Must speak fluent English.

Communication using Google Hangout, Skype, and Google docs may be required.

Programmers: At least a year of experience with working C++ programming language. Must be a self motivated person, and be willing to contribute ideas.

Concept Artist: Strong background in drawing 3D environments, and drawing objects in 3D.

3D Modeler: Strong background in creating 3D assets preferably using Blender, or Wings 3D modeling software.

Mapper: Experience creating maps using Hammer Editor. Able to contribute ideas to make the interactive experience more engaging.

What is in it for you?
Get to work with a team of very passionate individuals. Get your name credited on what will be a excellent interactive experience. Possible employment, or future contract work with Artisan Games LLC. Artisan Games LLC is dedicated in providing creative freedom for all its team members, so if one has an idea please contribute.

About Artisan Games LLC

Artisan Games LLC is a small game studio, and I mean very small game studio(one person). Artisan Games LLC birth from a creator who has found a passion for creating 3D interactive experiences. Artisan Games LLC is looking to create a culture in which each person respects one another regardless of Nationality or differences.

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