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Level Designers located United States.

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Foot in the Door Interactive, a subsidiary of Affinity Pixel Entertainment, LLC, is a brand new type of game development and publishing company that allows (and encourages!) inexperienced and young developers who are looking to gain the necessary training, experience, and credits job recruiters are looking for in the video game industry. Moreover, we provide internship opportunities for college students who require real-world experience in the industry to graduate. Our goal is to allow anyone who is serious about their career have the chance to prove themselves and find their dream job creating video games.

We are currently looking for level designers to help create unique challenges and a fun game play experience. Whether you're still in school or looking for real-world experience, we encourage everyone to send in their application to be considered.

- Must be an active college student or have some experience designing levels for video games.
- Ability to dedicate at most 6 hours a week.
- A resume and cover letter (applicants who do not send a cover letter will NOT be considered).

Game Type: Platformer / Semi-endless Runner
Engine: Unity
Target Platforms: iOS & Android
Release Date: Q2 2018
Compensation: Profit-share

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