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We're BlindFold Studios. We're an Indie Game Studio who focus on creating 2D pixel art games with story heavy and character driven themes. We're currently looking for another pixel artist to join our team as we need help on our current project. First though, before you apply, here is a very important point.

- At this point in time, our budget can be quite limited. This work is paid and when you come in on board we will fill you in on the situation.

Okay, so what will you be doing here?
As the ad states, your job will be to create high-quality pixel art for our games. That means everything from characters to pieces of dust, it will all be under your artistic control. We pride ourselves on giving each member a very big say on what's on not only at the studio but in our games.

Do I need experience?
No, we don't require that you have any degrees or experience. Although we do ask you to show us some previous work of yours and if get through to the initial screening phase, we will ask you to create some for us in a set period of time.

That's about it if you're interested in who we are here's our website we also have a twitter page @BlindFoldStudio.

To Apply

To apply, just send a quick resume to and we'll respond with some questions to ask you.

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