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Programmers located Los Angeles, CA.

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My name is Miguel Oliveira, and I am the lead designer on Thralled, an interactive experience for iOS that portrays the journey of Isaura, a runaway slave traumatized over the loss of her baby son. Thralled takes place in colonial Brazil, and it follows Isaura as she traverses through a nightmarish representation of the New World, reliving her own distorted memories of life in captivity and the events that led to the disappearance of her child.

Thralled was a one-year long student project developed at the University of Southern California just this past year. At the end of the aforementioned development cycle, we had our gameplay features nearly complete and half of the levels and content done. However, we have quite a bit of polishing and debugging work to be done to make sure that we deliver an experience that is emotionally rich and is realized to its full potential.

We are being funded to complete Thralled's development and bring it to OUYA. At the moment, we are seeking a programmer who can help us finish Thralled for OUYA and subsequent mobile versions (which are to be released later). Here are the general requirements for the position:

- C# and Unity proficiency.
- Experience working on team-based game dev projects.
- Efficient, reliable, passionate, and pleasant to work with.
- Ability to work full-time for 6-8 months.

Pay is negotiable, but we have a considerable portion of our budget reserved for the engineering side. If you are interested, please email me at with a portfolio of past projects and your role in them. Please feel free to contact me if you just have any questions as well.

To Apply

Email me at with a resume and/or portfolio of past projects and your role in them.

Los Angeles, CA
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