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We're an indie team working on a historical PC game set during 1944, occupation of the Philippines. We need an animator! The game will be mostly 2D assets, we're using the Unity engine. We're making a prototype build for investors, once we finish the prototype we will receive additional funding. This means if you join us you'll then receive pay for your work on the prototype ($100-$200) and hourly pay for your future work.

We need an animator capable of detailed and fluid animation and art, but, during the prototype animations may be a bit rougher, and fixed later. Should you choose to continue as a team member then animations will be refined during alpha and beta.

About the project: The project is set during WW2 from the civilian perspective; specifically from medical care providers. The game focuses on attempting to make do with a dire shortage of resources, staff, and time all while civilian casualties can reach over a thousand a day. The player is a lead nurse who must continuously be pushed outside of her field of expertise due to the dire lack of staff and the recurrent massacres of medical (and civilian) personnel. Our project seeks to retell mostly forgotten history, explore wartime medicine, and allow the player to experience an uncensored recreation of medicine, management, war and it's affect on civilians caught in the crossfire.

Should you be interested in the project you can email us at or message me on discord @ Jack디스코드#8991
Please send a resume and/or animations and artwork you have done.

Thank you.

To Apply

Send resume and animations to or through discord @ Jack_잭_디스코드#8991

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