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How's it going, the job pays $400 in 4 increments as progress is made. I need somebody who can create a short demo for a 2D, role-playing, turn-based game by themselves, think Pokemon. It won't be completely from scratch since I attempted to create a team of volunteers for a demo of the game in the past and had some progress made on it, though small. Because the project was previously being built through Unity, you must be able to use it in order to access all previous work done. If you don't use Unity but are willing to rebuild the project from scratch in another program, that works as well. On a side note, it was an older version of Unity, some programmers had trouble accessing it in the past, but more detail on that later.

The character drawings as they should appear in battle as well as their over world sprites are all designed, I only lack textures for creating the environment. Aside from this, every document about the game is written, the story and all dialogue laid out, every question answered in detail, every level mapped out and explained in its entirety, all character and weapon stats created. I merely need somebody to take everything I've written and turn it into a playable game, no extra work in trying to make sense of things. Any questions you have I will answer promptly.

Once the demo is completed, I will release it for free and try to get funding for a full version of the game so I can pay you and other programmers what you truly deserve for your help. If interested, please be prepared to have a phone conversation and keep me updated daily on the progress of the game. I don't mean to sound strict and certainly won't be breathing down anyone's neck about working on it constantly but because I have had to recruit two different teams, neither of whom have finished the game, I would like to make sure it is completed this time. So please, only serious committed applicants. The demo is rather short.

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