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I have been playing a game called Golf Rival for over 2 years now.

it was fun at the start then it took a turn in the later days and more present time.

The game started using bots for most of the courses (which if you grind this game as much as I do then you can tell very easily and it has been proven and admitted).

With that said I would like the game as whole without:

  • Having to deal with online players (Would like to just play alone)
  • I don't want to deal with the cash or gem bull pucky aspect of the game
  • With current clubs in latest update, would like them to be upgrade as much as possible (Or most playable abilities)
  • There are special balls. Some are seasonal but most are stationary. I don't really want to run out of those so if everytime I turned on the app and the balls would go back to say like 99 each that would be great

There are different properties to this game other than just going through stages like,"Tournaments, challenges, kingdom, etc..) I don't really care about those as those have to deal with mostly ways to get coin or get legendary clubs. They would be absolete if I could just play all available stages.

I will pay you for this APK, or donate if thats better worded. I do not want to resell this crap I just want to enjoy one of the few app games I like without all of the lame stuff they added or restricted.

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you can email at to talk about this project more if interested.

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