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Audio/Music located Anywhere.


Real name: Øystein Johann Pettersen Sørensen
Language: Norwegian and English.
Artist name: SirIslandStone

Hello, I'm a 18 year old male from Norway.
I've been doing music producing for 1 year and I'm moving into sampling and creating sound effects, and producing music and ambient. I'm a gamer since early age. I've play mostly any type of game as long as the concept and story is something that is unique and evolved as in a video game standard. Other than that, I pretty much love video games.

[What am I looking for?]
I'm looking for a team of game developers, that is currently either starting or working on a project. I'm not so sure about what kind of video game I would like to work with. I'm not looking for the most experienced developers or the best team in the world. I'm looking for a stable team with good people and knows how to treat a team member and push a project forward.

[Working location]
Well even if the idea of moving into a office sounds amazing, I'm looking for a company/team that accepts me working from my own home.

[My musical background]
Since early age I've been kind of doing music. It started out with Guitar and I kept going for a few years. Then I kind of hopped off, and ended High school sort of and went further into my education. Where I spent 2 years on a "Secondary School" as we call it here in Norway, where i practiced theory and practical use of "Media & Communication" That is kind of where my musical abilities grew, since sound is probably my favorite kind of medium. I ended up buying an iMac, midi-keyboard as production equipment. I found my preference in software and started there. And now I'm learning piano at my own pace and producing music in my own pace.

[What can I offer?]
I can offer someone who has a semi-talent I guess at producing music. From Electronic to soundtrack/thriller music. To a producer who experiments with sampling for example animal sounds and quite frankly destroying the samples and creating a sound of a horrific dinosaur sounding monster.

I'm active since I'm done with school, so I'm open to having long sessions of planning and working. As a side note I'm quite known with YouTube, Facebook and how advertisement work. I can manage PR, and keep a community up and running with recent updates and involvement with fans or other team members.

As in what I've done before when it comes to management and holding a community, I guess I could say I've been with the company TGN as a moderator for the HUB channel TGNletsplay for a few months then I quit as a result of poor management from TGN itself. But that is a whole other story.

So sum it all up.
-Someone who is willing too work as a team member.
-Contribute in not only the audio department but as well as Story, concept and other variables of a game development team.
-Someone who will gladly control any PR management as in marketing on different social networks.
-Someone who has played a lot of games and has a big interest in video games as in a overhaul, and one of my favorite mediums to use and work with.
-Sound work in both creating musical scores and designing sound effects/assets to be used within the game.
-Someone who is active and not afraid to test new things when it comes to creating something.
-I do my own Sampling, editing and mastering.
-I work fast and I'm nearly always there when you need me.

[Additional information]
-I do now own and work in a big high-end studio. I have a home setup studio.
-I do my own thing, as a music producer.
-I'm not a professional, I'm a hobbyist. I do this because I enjoy it, I love sound. And all form of sounds.
-If you are hoping to get a perfect sound designer I'm not the one you are looking for, I'm far from experienced in the arts of sound.

You can hear all my musical work at:

Contact me:
Skype: islandstone1994

To Apply

Contact me either on, Facebook, E-Mail or Skype. I'm willing to do a interview if that is required. [Contact information above]

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