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Murder Miners is the #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game. It’s sold about 550,000 copies on that channel and it’s coming to Steam soon (we've been Greenlit). Both of those versions are in XNA.

We’re looking to hire a developer to bring a more bare-bones version of the game to iOS and Android, hoping to see some of the success that games like Pixel Gun 3D and CraftedBattle have seen.

Much of the code is a mess and would be too difficult/time consuming for our programmer to explain, so it’d probably be easier for you to rewrite most of it instead of trying to interpret all of his code. Though he has already started on this port in Unity which has the block rendering and player physics working so you could start from that. This port doesn't have to be made in Unity though, just as long as whatever you use supports iOS and Android.

We’re paying hourly, plus revenue-based bonuses after release. We're shooting for a devtime of less than 6 months or so, probably with some post-release work for updates.

Networking experience is required (ideally you or your team has released an online multiplayer game).

To Apply

Email us at if you’d like to apply. Please include a rough estimate of what you’d charge per hour to take this job and when you could get started. Ideally we’d have somebody start on this within the next 2 months.


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