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Note: this is a job post for both a Communication Manager and also an also a post for a secondary modeler. I say secondary because we have a modeler and your role would be to assist in making environmental props, models, and possibly characters.

Application Process:

Once you apply to join the INT development team you will be given a sample if you are a secondary modeler. The sample will need to be completed within a seven day time frame. The sample model will either be an in-game weapon or a rubble pile depending on your preference. The sample will be sent to you and you will be asked to introduce yourself on our applicant thread. Once you return the sample with a render, file for integration into Unity, and unwrap we will review and give you a prompt answer.

The Communication Manager position will be slightly different as a sample will be hard to produce instead you will be asked to have a Skype conversation with me for an hour or so –this will help me gauge your interest, relevant skills, and plans for turning our indie project into a successful social networking campaign. I would also like to see a resume and any other relevant data. I would like to fill this position in the next week or so.

INT Team

We are a medium sized Indie team numbering around 15 active members. Members include: Composer, Sound Designer, three coders, modeler, texture artist, two concept artists, animator, web manager, three writers and I. Again, we are only looking for a communication manager and secondary modeler at this time.
Check our forum out here:

We have a temporary website here, but our new website and first teaser trailer will be launched March 9th. Temp site here:

About INT

The game codenamed INT will be a top-down, 3D modeled, adventure based RPG. As the player you will explore a war-torn world in your quest to escape it and flee to the stars. This is a Sci-Fi venture with elements of roguelike games. There will also be a dungeon crawler aspect to the game as you will explore ‘dungeon’ like locations and fight bosses with a party that you arm and equip in a traditional RPG fashion.

Project's specific requirements

Modeler Requirements:

Knowledge of Unity,

Knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya,

Preferred experience in the field,

Preferred portfolio of previous modeled work,

Communication Manger Requirements:

Knowledge of Social Networking,
Strength in outreach,

Ability to write a communication plan and to set goals
for completion

Marketing experience and supplemental work (if available).


Our company will require some startup funds to pay for commercial software and to secure discretionary funding for conventions. However, once that is deducted all additional revenue from Kickstarter (our preferred fundraising outlet) will be shared among team members. Game Revenue will also be split among team members after release. Our target platform is Steam and a Greenlight Campaign is forthcoming.

To Apply

Please send your resume to me, Justin, at or apply at our forum:

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