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The team behind the revived MechWarrior: Living Legends development effort is on the hunt for talent!

Originally founded in 2008, the award-winning mod is now a standalone game, featuring its remarkable combined-arms gameplay set in the BattleTech universe. Development is not only serious but also highly passionate about the quality of the game, and has plenty more content planned for inclusion in upcoming updates. However, with all this new content planned, we need more personnel to help us realize these features - and that's where you programmers come in!

Our development team is looking for experienced programmers that specialize in Lua, or Flash. Keep in mind that this is purely a volunteer position - everything we do for MWLL is out of passion and for no pay (not even donations).


  • Must be able to work in and communicate with a fairly large team through Discord
  • Expect to work with little to no documentation
  • Flash Programmers:
    • 1+ year of experience with Adobe Flash
    • Able to use Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and Actionscript v2
  • Lua Programmers:
    • 1+ year of experience with Lua


  • Passion for the BattleTech universe and its various associated games!
  • Prior experience with CryEngine (ideally CE2, though any version helps) is a major plus
  • Prior experience working on a game mod project with a team
  • Basic understanding of Git


  • You are free to add everything made by you, and publicly released, into your portfolio
  • You are free to use MWLL in your CV/resume
  • You can have your name added to the game credits
  • You may not resell or otherwise share content made for MWLL

To Apply

Please privately contact one of our Community Managers in our Discord server at Be prepared to share what you intend to help with, your skills, and any previous experience (preferably with examples of your work, if possible).
You can also contact us at with the same information, but communication will be moved to Discord if you are approved, as that's where the interview process and all other communication takes place.

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