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Dark Craft studios is developing "The Worry of Newport", a singleplayer horror game with an emphasis on immersion and storytelling. It is a remake of the 2011 Crysis mod of the same name (ModDB) set in the fictional colony of Newport, somewhere in the north Atlantic.

We've been in development for around 2 months, and recently revamped our first demo area, which is intended to test out our art pipeline and general mood.

Our goal is to produce a demo of the first chapter (about 20 minutes) featuring all of the basic game systems and demonstrating the atmosphere and narrative style. Because we are basing this on the original mod we have a good blueprint to follow, and are considering crowdfunding as a small development push - but will decide this closer to completing the demo.

Project Details

  • We are using Unreal Engine 4, SVN for source control, trello for management, discord for comms

  • Both principal characters are voice acted (with professional actors already in place, see video), featuring a back-and-forth dialogue system inspired by Firewatch

  • The full game will be 7 chapters, roughly 25 minutes each.

Who we're looking for

Currently the team consists of myself (Dave Watts - programming, artwork) and Glenn Winkelmann (writing and narrative design, design lead). However, we realise there is a missing link between level concept and art implementation, which is why we are looking to work with an experienced level designer.

This is a collaborative effort, and we see the level designer's role as taking the level beats laid out in the original mod (and our reworked synopsis) and translating them into functional environments, with a mind for how the player's path and interactions help build the narrative.

Note that although this is based on earlier work, this is not a level-by-level remake. This is an entirely different telling of the same story, though there are obviously ideas we can reuse or re-imagine as appropriate.

To Apply

If the project sounds like something you'd like to work on and/or you want more details, shoot me a message on Discord: DaveFace#6850

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