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Posted by RomaHassanih on

Hi guys, i am Roma and a developer of a game called Darkness Anomaly.
It's an open world horror game i've been working on solo for over three years now.

Right now, i would love to have a proper team to help me out with the development.
Which is pretty far by now and i am aiming for a Kickstarter campaign and also some publisher deals.

Thats why i would need a few people to develop this project and make an amazing team!

About the project: It is developed with the Cryengine 5.4 and i am aiming to release it for the following
plattforms. Steam, GOG, XBOX One, eventually VR (The game works pretty well with it, but it depends on the funding).

Why am i posting here? And whats my budget?
There is none, i am looking for people who are willing to work for free. (I know how it sounds, as a former graphic designer). But i've been working my ass off solo for as said over three years now and invested a hell of a lot so there simply no budget left. It is selfspeaking that we can handle a deal with copartnership and part revenues. Thats why i am looking for talented people here who wants to build something really cool!

What i am doing on this project?
I cover almost anything in this game, from coding, 3D design, level and game design to sound and writing.
You can amazing how much it can suck to do everything alone.

So, about the game. It's not like i've been doing nothing for this time.
It's a whole open world builded and a first alpha test was also done which was let's played by many people and who really liked it. But a lot of work is waiting to make it perfect.

If it's allowed by the Community i would like to provide you with some unlisted videos and gameplay trailers of the game:

The state of Darkness Anomaly: (5 Months ago)
The latest scene created in the game:

So if you guys are interested in working with me, please provide a proper portfolio.

Languages in which we can communicate: English, German or Russian. (Which i can speak, but not write or read) :D

To Apply

Just send a direct messege here or on | please also provide a link to a discord, facebook account where i can get quickly in touch with you if thats possible.

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