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Artists located Anywhere.

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Hello everyone at MODDB, we are currently looking for some quality members to help speed up development of our game, we have a lot that we haven't shown publicly but will disclose to those that join us and require talented individuals to help us get this game ready asap.

*/ This is a work first and pay later, we are currently preparing to contact an agency to help us with finding the right publisher for our project and are also going to be attempting an Kickstarter Campaign soon once everything for our technical demo is ready. We have everyone under an contract. /*

About The Game

About The Game

About The Game

About The Game

About The Game

About The Game


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Requirements For 3D Artists:

* Must know proper PBR workflow for UE4

* 2-15 years of experience in your respective field

* Communicate via Skype

* Must be willing to submit to an art test.

* Basic Blueprint knowledge (Optional)

What we are looking for:

*Level Designer -- Must have 2-4 years of experience as a level designer and 6+ months experience in Unreal Engine 4. Basic blueprint and material experience isn't needed but is an added bonus and will be required of you to learn.

* 3D Character Artists --- Must know proper PBR workflow for UE4 plus 2-5 years experience

*3D Environment Artist/Interior Artist -- Must know proper PBR workflow for UE4 and willing to learn our production workflow/contribute to it.

*3D Animator -- Must have at least 2-5 years experience animating and rigging bipedal and quadrupeds and experience in UE4 is a plus.

*Technical Artist -- Must have 2-3 years of experience and some knowledge of UE4 particles system and be able to skin and rig characters.

*Quest Designer -- 1-3 years experience writing for games & game design knowledge. You will be specifically writing complete quests whilst our other writers handle everything else. * Send samples of previous work.

To Apply

Send your resume and also your portfolio to for consideration.

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