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Hello everyone,
I am Gabriela Ianache and I am the Manager of BackToNormal Studio.
BackToNormal Studio is working on a big project, BackToNormal Game, which requires many experienced developers/programmers to succeed.
Project description:
BackToNormal game is an combination of several different types of game stiles in one. As the game will advance from the Early Access stage to its Final Release, we expect a fully functional Massive Multiplayer Online System as long as other features like: a completely detailed 1.000.000 square km map, over 200 different car models, over 200 urban cities, fully functional Surviva System, fully functional Shooting System, several random spawn places on the map, events regarding PvP and Racing and several other assets that are currently in the "idea" stage.

Job details/requirements:

Are you curious about what this role implies?

- Experience in Unreal Engine 4
- Experience in Blueprint and C++
- To be accessible for discussions when necessary

In this stage, we are not able to provide a full time salary for our developers, BUT each and every one of them will be paid per task!

Our team is formed by young people who are trying to create and innovate. Every team members is free to give new ideas, to express their opinions on the project, even before they joined. Helping each other and listening to different points of view, that's how we see working in a team should be.

Thank you very much!
Have an awesome day!

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If you are interested in becoming a part of our team. One of our developers/programmers. Send an resume by email to:

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