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Posted by Boby360 on

Hello all.
I'm looking for a Programmer for a mod called Global Operations Remake Mod (GORM)

This mod's intent is to replicate an old game called Global Operations. This game is quite similar to Counter Strike and in some peoples opinion better if this style could be captured on another engine.

We currently have some code in effect from a base HL2MP currently on an SVN.

Our thoughts for payment would be to pay per feature. One of these things in the game would be incapacitation. Having someone play a series of animations for death and being put in a mode where you can be revived via a medic within a certain amount of time. Another feature would be having a cross-hair dynamically adjusting its size based on distance aimed and weapon accuracy.

We can provide game client, detailed videos and more to assist. Our team has been rather casual over many years although we are interested in making a good effort to push the game farther through development. We would love someone committed although semi casual work would be accepted. Some people have family, friends and other commitments which is understandable.

If you feel you are up to the task please do send an e-mail to me at

If anyone has any questions please do ask. We are looking for other people for this project for general positions within a Source Mod. i.e. Mapper. Modeler. etc.

Thanks for your time,

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