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what I am looking for is someone to animate my illustrated scene that I wrote down. the frames don't necessarily have to be detailed and can be very sketchy and rough. also no color and shading. it's just the base animation because I have people in my team who are able to do the detailing and coloring. I would like you to put the characters in a different layer than the background if possible.

please mail to: and send over your portfolio.

I can send you more details about the characters and their looks if you are chosen for the position. if you are interested, I will also send you more information about the game itself.

the style I am looking for is something like this:
but of course it can be way less detailed.

PAYMENT: 200 euro per scene. I put one of the scenes below for you to get an idea.

When Girl1 enters the door an illustrated scene starts playing. The girl walks down a long dark path. Echoey footstep sound effects. Scared, she looks around seeing if there’s anyone near her.
GIRL1: Hello? (Continues to walk a little more) Is anyone there?
When she turns and decides to keep walking, a bright light covers the whole screen. Sound effect of light taking over the screen. You will see Girl1 covering her eyes to avoid the bright light. Then after the light calmed down you will see Girl1’s back in the bottom center of the screen and a path appearing line by line in front of her. Small clocks floating around on the side of the path fade in. A couple of 25 different sizes and shapes of clocks in different angles. After they are all faded in, a giant church clock (tower) fades in starting from the bottom to the top. Every clock that “fades in” basically looks like it’s drawn. You will see the drawing process on them. The process of the big church clock starts at the bottom, and ends at the top.
After this Girl8 appears out of the ground and floats up (you will not see the drawing process of her) in this position: , though her eyes are more calm and closed. She also has wings made of shadows. From the point where she reached all the way up to the middle of the big church clock, she opens her eyes suddenly and starts attacking Girl1, casting shadows from her hands. Her body language and face is still really calm and “not caring” but more serious. Girl1 looks scared, sad and full of disbelief because she couldn’t imagine her sister doing something like this, turning against her.
She let’s Girl8 attack her for a while curling up as an armadillo in attempt to be her own shield. She starts dropping a few tears with eyes closed. Her face expression goes from scared-sad-disbelief to calm and decisive. She raises her hands and summons her shield first (this looks like how sora summons his keyblade) and then grabs it calmly from the air with a slightly impressed face expression. The camera focuses on Girl8 again, with a dissatisfied face expression and body language, but wondering what girl1’s plan is. Her hair is moving like there’s wind in her hair. Then she sniffs like “you are no match for me” and rolls her eyes. Girl8 is still in the air at this moment, but drops down now. She walks towards Girl1, still with her grumpy face expression.

Gameplay fades in: girl1 has to fight girl8.
When she wins the battle, the story will proceed to the next scene, also illustrated. The music stops when Girl1 defeats her twin.

Girl8 is injured in her arm and decides to stop battling her sister, her face is full of wrath. While Girl8 tries to “stay on her feet” her face expression turns slightly into a friendly smile.

GIRL8: (barely able to speak) Never expected… my little sis… to be so strong…

Girl8 drops down. She is bleeding shadows. Girl1 realises her defense went too far, so far that it injured her sister. Her face and body language show regret and self-blame. Girl1 wants to help her sister before she bleeds to death, but doesn’t know how. She looks around to see if there’s something - anything - to prevent her from bleeding. But the whole place is empty. Girl1 falls to her knees and starts crying. She opens her eyes as she notices a presence inside herself. (Cloaked figure theme starts playing) In this part of the scene you will see the “camera” zooming into Girl1’s eye further and further, until there’s only nothingness left. Then, the black background will turn into a space background. There’s a hand, far in the stars, that is almost invisible. But the hand comes closer towards the camera. The hand looked like it’s reaching for something before it turns into another position: it tries to give something, like it holds something. The music ends.

MYSTERIOUS VOICE: (whispering) Focus on what you need, and you will find it.

You will see Girl1’s closed eyes now, trying to imagine. Then they open.
You will see Girl1 sitting on the ground with Girl8 in front of her. Girl1 moves her arm so her hand is above Girl8’s injured arm. A silk bandage wraps around Girl8’s injured arm, coming from Girl1’s hand. Like the bandage had its own free will. The bandage wraps around tight and instantly heals the wound. Girl8 makes a sound, like she is in pain. Which causes Girl1 to show shock on her face, and also sound shocked. But it calms down shortly after, and Girl1 sounds relieved.
Right after that, she hears a noise of breaking glass. She looks up, a little afraid and searching for where it comes from. Girl8 is disappearing, fading into darkness, and so is the rest of the area she is in. When she sees Girl8 disappearing, she is shocked. Then she sees everything else disappearing. Every single thing that disappears gives her a little shock. When she disappears herself, she touches herself, begging not to disappear. The screen turns black.

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mail to: if you are interested.

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