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Hey, my name is Josh, I'm looking to build a team of programmers and designers to create a game that I believe could be the next fortnight. First, off I am not a programmer I would love to learn more than some python and c++ eventually; but what I'm great at is storytelling and directing. The idea is a real-world based survival game, were u must race to solve challenges to either live or die along the way. This is not a battle royale, however, it does carry some of those aspects. If I was building a battle royale I could be a kitty programer and steal someone else's code which I'm highly against. I like the original works. I do want to give the idea away but just imagine a race to survival and the possibility of being eaten alive or nuked. The easiest way to put it is the end of the world. It's so hard not to put the idea out there and let someone else make it just so I could play it. however, how would I help a team make money if I did that! I have a background in marketing and advertising as well as scriptwriting and directing so, imagine the possibilities of a very rich storyline and a great story to live in, even tho you most likely will die in the process you will try over and over again to succeed. lol Sounds like Mario with a twist. but I don't think I'm going to be adding fire breathing flowers any time soon? maybe some fire breathing zombies? Nah to cheesy. lol BUt anyways if you want to tag along for the ride feel free to email me and let's see where the adventure goes!

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