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Can you tell a story with form and color?

Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 launch trailer:

Ape Law is looking for a talented 3D modeler to join our team and help us take Albino Lullaby: Episode 2 across the finish line.

We need someone who can model, unwrap and texture low poly props and set pieces quickly. If you are familiar with our art style then you know most of our detail is in the textures.

We are looking for someone who can not only build the props, but help to communicate and support the core fiction of our game world.

Our team is all about supporting creativity. You would have creative control over your work, along with guidance from the creative director.

More about Ape Law:
Ape Law exists to explore and experiment with games as the next great storytelling medium and was formed by Justin Pappas in the summer of 2013 in Cambridge, Mass. Justin has worked as a level designer on games like 'BioShock: Infinite' and the 'Tomb Raider' reboot and moved onto the indie scene in 2011 as the level design lead on 'Chivalry: Medieval Warfare' and is now the creative director and level builder/designer for 'Albino Lullaby'and a senior level designer at Otherside Entertainment on 'Underworld Ascendant'. The studio is comprised of other industry vets, who have worked on a myriad of games from 'Borderlands' to 'Lord of the Rings Online' and at studios like Warner Brothers, Hasbro and Harmonix. We are spread out over the north east coast of North America, Toronto down to Austin and communicate primarily over Skype.

More about Albino Lullaby:
Albino Lullaby is a horror adventure game that doesn't rely on jump scares or gore. Escape a surreal, psychological nightmare set in a dark and macabre Victorian town that clings to the precipices of underground cliffs. The gamespace dynamically twists and contorts around you in real time, as you unravel an equally twisted narrative. Discover the hidden spaces haunted by 'The Grandchildren' as you uncover clues to understanding just where and what you are.

More on ApeLaw and Albino Lullaby:

Jordon Underneath loved it:

Jim Sterling loved it too!:

So hit us up and together, let's get cracking on finishing up one of the weirdest games ever!

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Happy hunting!

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