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Artists located Anywhere.

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Hey guys!

Me and a game designer got the Gameplay Design Doc assembled along with some information considering the narrative of the game (still working on the lore and the story). We have also settled on a small prototype map for the demo!

However, there’s only so many things we can do alone. We are planning to build the project on Unreal Engine (using C++), and whilst I can do the programming (been a freelancer - software developer, and even worked in investments - finance sector), neither of us can do art (although we do have a couple arts, as a friend gave us a hand on it, however had to leave due to getting a new job). I’d also be thankful if we’ll manage to find some people in programming too (there are few systems in plans, including the dragon flight and fight, soul-link and the “Watcher” - AI System).

I would be more than happy to explain more via emai or discord and show you the docs and the art we have ready.

Please feel free to reach out via email:

Art-style : Semi-Realistic (Realistic with traces of Fantasy)

We are building it for our portfolio, but if we’ll end up attracting an investment or actually making money out of the product, then we’ll end up paying both, for the work already done and upcoming. Any remaining funds would be shared equally with everyone in the end.

I know that spending on free time on building a game can be tiresome, but we are devoted to making this game! I'll be spending all my free time on programming, writing and anything business related, whilst the game designer would be spending it on the game design and etc

If you would like to reach out considering any other role - please feel free and I’ll be glad to discuss all with you too.

Thanks again!

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Please feel free to reach out via email:

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