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Hello 3D artists,

We are looking for a passionate 3D Artist to join our development team for our game Fueled Mayhem.

Your tasks involve modelling organic and hard surfaces to a production quality and to follow a specific texturing pipeline, involving photoshop and substance painter (more will be disclosed once you join the team). We have weekly reviews for feedback and creative discussion about the Fueled Mayhem.

Our visual expression:

We are aiming for realistic models with cartoony textures. The mood of the game is set in a goofy dystopia. The current environment we aim to create is a mayan culture inspired jungle.

The style of the textures is achieved through a diffuse/albedo map that’s applied to a toon shader. We will be using Unity as our engine.

If you want to see some assets from the game, and it’s style, please check out the links below:


  • Experience working in 3D. We accept students and pros alike, as long as you have an understanding of design and feel comfortable with programs like Maya, 3dsMax, Modo or blender.
  • Working with a low polygon environment. (8000-16000 polys)
  • Creating textures for assets by following a specific texturing pipeline.
  • Knows how to texture with photoshop or substance painter.

What can we offer you?

There are two types of agreements. It should be said; we can’t offer money yet. You can start on agreement 1, and switch to agreement 2 and vice versa, we are flexible.

Agreement 1: You will join the team for a specific amount of time or tasks. It will be possible to extend the period if both parties agree on it. If you choose this agreement, you will get a recommendation from us, and you can add all the things that you have worked on to your portfolio.

Agreement 2: You will join the project and follow it to the end. If you choose this, you either get royalties or share of the game.

About the game:

Crank up the MAYHEM ! Engage through enemy vehicles to reach the top in this “Fuelly sick” competitive vehicular combat game. Fueled MAYHEM has a focus on intense, chaotic battles, tuned cars with customizable stats, and creative guns that will cause your opponent’s destruction..

In Fueled MAYHEM , the environment on top of players can kill you. There will be jumps and hiding places so be careful of where you steer.

Join the frantic battle as one of the unique drivers, play on different maps and be ready to be thrown into a world of utter MAYHEM . Drive around in your unique, beefed up car and obliterate everything you deem worthy of MAYHEM . There are countless ways to create absolute mayhem in all the different game modes.


We are about to release an early alpha build of v0.561. This means that the game is in a very playable state, and we are having a blast playing it. We are currently working towards a January the 1st deadline to pitch to a publisher.

The plan for the game is to be released on PC first, then later on Xbox ,PlayStation and the Switch.

Current team is:

Tobias Rasmussen – Writer, Project Director, Programmer.

Christopher Hedegaard – Lead Programmer.

Pete Reed – Audio designer

Brian Nguyen – Art Director, 3D Artist.

Marc - 3D Artist

Mads Bloch-Sørensen – Programmer.

Team Dynamic

We treat each other as respectable developers and understand that Fueled Mayhem is a passion or side project for new people who come in. Things we do expect is for people to flex their creative muscles and to give their professional input into conversations. We’re a small team and are excited by the value you bring to the project. Other than that, conversations usually become sidetracked by talk about the latest news of the gaming industry and our personal lives.

To Apply

If you are interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you, please apply to:
Once we review all the applications, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. It may take up to 7 days before you hear from us.
You are also welcome to write to us if you have any questions.

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