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We are looking for a 2D artist to work on a dieselpunk themed RPG. The position we are looking for is

Background Artist; background artist will be responsible for making textures for environments and buildings, designing location concepts, as well as helping with maps.

the team will work with the writing team from time to time for lore reasons if needed, as well as working together for various still shot images for story telling purposes.

We have an established art style that we would like to adhere to. Here are a few concept art pictures to show our current art style that we are wanting to stick to

Some general information about the project, the game is a turn based tactics RPG set in a dieselpunk fantasy setting. Gameplay uses 2D characters running around in a 3D plane, with buildings and vehicles also being 3D. Story involves a small cast of characters team up to stop an oppressive government but eventually find themselves roped into a plot involving dark forces invading the world.

All business is done on Discord, this includes monthly meetings and discussions. You will be asked to give occasional updates on your progress as you work. Meetings are held at the end of each month and members will be asked to keep a record of their schedule to help plan out meeting times.

To Apply

Send an email to with the subject titled "[Position] for Swamp Fox" for example "Background Artist for Swamp Fox" with some example of your work. I will give you a little test, if I like what I see I will send you a link to our discord.

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