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We are a small indie team called Dark Studios setting out to create a small scale rev share cyberpunk themed MMO. This project has been running for several years and we are at the point where we are looking for talented modelers.

What we are looking for
3D artists for props and doodads going in a 3D environment. Most of the props will be hard surface.
Character designer to create modular pieces

Texturing is a plus, but optional, we're using PBR textures in UE4, and have a texture artist on hand to detail your assets, if needed.

About the project. You can see some of the concept art here


It is the twenty-second century and mankind is venturing far out into the depths of space.

At the dawn of the new era, deep space exploration became possible. Far-off stars once thought unapproachable were now within humanity's grasp. Early colonization on inhospitable worlds light years apart encouraged mankind's survival and brought respite to his thirst for resources.

Financing the new 'resource rush' are huge Mega-Corporations, each maintaining and operating numerous off-world outposts and facilities, each vying to gain market dominance, reaping huge profits year on year. Back home on earth, the prospect of a better life offworld has drawn an untold number of people to humanities bustling mega-city “Gateway City.” The municipal centre serving as the main transport hub out to the off-world colonies and a new life away from the crowds, pollution and petty street crime that plague everyday life.

Overseeing the excursion into space and administering the city is the newly established United Colonial Council [UCC] an amalgamation of leading world governments, remnants of the United Nations and the corporate executive bodies who's vital funding and research made the new space rush a reality.

Protecting the UCC and its interests out in deep space are the enlisted men and women of the Colonial Defence Force [CDF] the military arm of the UCC. It's primary mission, ensuring stabilisation of UCC territory and maintaining a watchful eye on the increasing colonial population. The rapid expansion into deep space has led to social unrest, 'freedom' groups have formed attempting to fracture away from the UCC demanding independence. Attacks on both military patrols and political targets are on the increase as is the ever bubbling threat of complete breakdown of peace in the outermost territories of the council.

Exploiting the often lax security on the vulnerable remote outposts and the crowded streets of Gateway City, Criminal Factions have formed targeting both corporations and law abiding citizens alike. Resources, materials, components, products and patent modules are being hijacked from planetary transports and the supposed secure corporate cyber networks are frequently compromised by skilled hackers. The valuable patents and confidential corporate information has found its way onto the underground black market, sold to the highest bidder. Most believe corporate espionage is the driving force for the thefts, the UCC remains strangely silent on the issue fuelling rumours that a shadow war is taking place amongst the major Corporations, battling for market dominance.

Due to the rising levels of crime and the continued pressure from the corporations and the public at large, the UCC has been forced to implement various measures in order to combat the massive influx of criminal activity spreading both on-world and off-world. One such measure being the formation of a border-less law enforcement service, one not bound by conventional jurisdiction. The Federal Security Agency [FSA] has been formed, incorporating all of the former municipal police functions, customs enforcement and correctional duties once conducted by individual bodies. However even with the introduction of the FSA crime rates continue to rise with complaints from within the agency that it is simply spread too thin to be an effective law enforcement body.

Gateway City itself has become the new mecca of Earth with millions of hopeful refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers camped outside of the city walls, every one of them hoping to be granted citizenship with the prospect of carving their own future out in the new frontier.

The future for the lucky ones granted access remains uncertain, largely it'll be up to them to decide what their destiny and the outerveil will hold...

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Discord - deathwyrm#5959

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