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PSR Digital is looking to fill this role for Peer Review, a reimagining of Half-Life: Decay.

What you’ll do:
Level Designers are the multi-talented individuals who imagine, design, and construct the worlds in which every other aspect of the game comes together. Level Designers are part artist, part architect, part programmer, part psychologist, and 100% gamer.

At PSR Digital, we take pride in our level design-- nearly all of our founding members started off as Level Designers, after all-- and we have a very high bar for quality. Of course, we can't do it alone-- we're looking for talented Level Designers (like you) to join our ranks!

Please note that due to the licensing terms of Valve's Source SDK, we are unable to release our project commercially, which means we have no way of recouping any costs associated with the project, including compensation for your work. As such, this is a volunteer position only.

Who you are:
• An enthusiastic, friendly developer who is willing to work with a team
• Able to read and write fluent English
• Someone with a suitable amount of free time willing to be dedicated to the project (this is flexible and vague, but we don’t want anyone just kind of popping in only once every month or so!)
• Willing and able to effectively give and receive constructive feedback
• Have access to an internet connection stable and fast enough for frequent uploads and downloads
• A skilled developer with extensive experience working with Valve’s Hammer editor
• Capable of designing engaging scenarios that are fun to play in and/or beautiful to look at
• Able to quickly iterate on designs based on feedback from playtesters and peers
• Able to build clean, well-constructed level geometry that conforms to the standard Hammer grid
• Able to optimize complex levels for filesize, compile speed, and runtime performance
• Fully knowledgeable about the intricacies of the Source Engine map build process, including the usage of advanced compile options
• Conscious of both the strengths and limits (especially the limits) of Source Engine levels

• Knowledge of the inner details of the VMF file format is not required, but would be fantastic
• Prior experience collaborating as part of a team of level designers is strongly preferred

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