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Level Designer for Unreal Engine. You will build our open world in UE4. We have a map design, expanded by concept artists and we’re using Cartographers (map-makers) to layout official designs of the world. You will leverage this strategy to create the 3D open world of these thrilling outdoor arenas. It’s a multiplayer game with castles and fortress set on another planet. You will create the expanding Sci-Fi world where players need to win arenas to acquire territory.

Required Skills

Unreal Engine Level Design, sculpting terrain, use of height and splat maps, terrain texturing, using a blend of real-world textures, Substances, and tiling by distance. Understanding of level and texture streaming. Environmental Artist skills, IE: using Speedtree to populate the world with 3D models.

Structure: Currently TEAM based funding (time) to create proof of concept (playable game), whereas our development team time logs hours at an agreed upon rate.

Currently, without a product in the marketplace, we have very little cash. What we do have is a great video game design, a Game App design (to sell game gear to cash out our time investments), great characters and an epic story.

We have an amazing core team, and you can run around in the game with us and also be blown away by the visuals, audio, and gameplay we have achieved at this early stage.

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