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Level Designers located Remote.

Posted by eddieteahap on

This artist will be in charge of creating a decent/suitable level
for a dungeon runner game, with a Bloodborne theme.You must be skilled with Unity 3D Engine.
You must have a portfolio to view. You must be able to set time aside each evening to review discord. You must be able to work in a team.
Your adaptation skill must be up there as well.
Trigger App Production is a start up company, which means no one is being payed to apply to this job, and the game is not being sold.

We will set up a freelence account, as well as trello, and work with discord
and what ever soft ware that is suitable. You must be willing to learn new development tools at a bit of a fast pace. Your reading skills must be up there as well because there will be a lot of text communication within the team.

We value respect, and imagination.
As the owner of TAP studio, I allow everyone to participate,
and go very far to encourage them to do so. My interest is not
that of the team, but the team's interest is of high importance to me.

Please join us soon.

To Apply
Discord: eddie#8907

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